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Account Prefill

Use Account Prefill to automatically add accounts to vendor transactions. Suppose you always assign bills from your phone company to the Telephone Utilities expense account. Instead of filling in the Telephone Utilities expense account every time you enter a transaction (check, bill, or credit card charge) to the phone company, enter the account once in the Account Prefill. QuickBooks automatically uses the Telephone Utilities account for the vendor and allocates the full transaction amount to this account.

To do this task

  1. Add or Edit a vendor.

  2. Select the Account Prefill tab.

  3. Under Select accounts to prefill transactions, click a drop-down arrow.

  4. Select an account.

  5. (Optional) Add other accounts as needed.

  6. Click OK.

Note: When you add more than one prefill account for a vendor, you need to divide the total amount between the prefill accounts when you add a transaction.

How do Account Prefills work with Online Banking?

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