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Edit or change customer information

These instructions tell you how to edit customers one at a time. Follow these steps if you are new to QuickBooks. Otherwise, you can use another window to add or edit multiple customers and paste from Excel.

To do this task
  1. Click Customer Center.

  2. On the Customers & Jobs tab, double-click the customer you want to edit.

  3. In the Edit Customer window, verify that the name of the customer appears in the Customer Name field as you'd like it to appear in your Customers & Jobs list.

    customer:job list names

    If you want the list to be alphabetized by last names and the customer is Joan Green, enter Green, Joan.

  4. You can adjust the current balance if you made a mistake when first entering the customer information.

  5. You can change the customer's currency only if there are no transactions recorded for that customer.

  6. Edit the detailed information, as necessary:

    • Edit the customer's address and contact information on the Address Info tab.

      You can add as many addresses as you'd like for each customer.

    • Edit the customer's type, terms, sales tax information, and price level on the Additional Info tab.

    • Edit the customer's account number and credit limit, as well as the preferred payment method on the Payment Info tab.

    • If you have not set up separate jobs for the customer, edit job information on the Job Info tab. The Job Info tab appears only if you have not set up separate jobs.

      If you have separate jobs for the customer, you can edit job information on the job records.

  7. Click OK.

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