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Add a customer

If you are new to QuickBooks

Before you add customers, you may want to keep in mind the following:

  • Do you charge sales tax?

    You can assign sales tax information to a customer. If you have not already set up your sales tax information, it's best to do it before you add customers. See Setting up sales tax.

  • Do you track sales by employee?

    You can associate each customer with an employee. If you do this, you can create sales reports that break down your sales by employee. If you want to associate customers with employees, you may want to set up your Employee list first.

In QuickBooks, the term "customer" means anyone who pays you for goods or services.

You can add new customers to the list at any time. QuickBooks uses the list to hold information about the people and companies to whom you sell your products and services.

To add a customer

  1. Click Customer Center.

  2. Click New Customer & Job at the top of the Customer Center and then click New Customer.

  3. In the Customer Name field, enter the name of the customer as you'd like it to appear in your Customers & Jobs list.

    customer:job list names

    To alphabetize the list by last name, enter last names first. For example, if the customer is Joan Green, enter Green, Joan.

    What if a customer is also a vendor?

  4. If you have an outstanding balance for this customer, enter the Opening balance and "as of" information.

    Important: If you are going to track separate jobs for this customer, do not enter an opening balance. QuickBooks calculates and tracks the overall balance for this customer from the balances you enter for the individual jobs.

    If you are performing more than one job for a customer, you can track the jobs separately by adding new jobs under the customer's name in the Customers & Jobs list.

    You don't have to add separate jobs to the Customers & Jobs list if you don't do more than one job or project for a customer. In this case you can still associate job-related information for the customer on the Job Info tab.

    Are you entering the correct opening balance?

  5. Add detailed information about the customer.

    • Enter the customer's address and contact information on the Address Info tab.

      You can add as many addresses as you'd like for each customer.

    • Enter the customer's type, terms, sales tax information, and price level on the Additional Info tab.

    • Enter the customer's account number and credit limit, as well as the preferred payment method on the Payment Info tab.

    • If you don't plan to set up separate jobs for this customer, enter job information on the Job Info tab.

  6. Click Next to save the customer information and enter another customer name.


    Click OK to save the customer information and close the window.

Linking to QuickBooks Customer Manager

If you have QuickBooks Customer Manager installed, you can synchronize your customer list with QuickBooks Customer Manager.

To do this task
  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Go to Customer Manager.

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