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Print customer transactions

To do this task

  1. Click Customer Center.

  2. Display the customer transactions you want to print.

  3. Verify that the transactions list appears as you want it to print. If you want to print other columns, you can change the columns displayed in the list.

  4. Print the transactions:

    • On the Customers & Jobs tab, go to the Print drop-down menu at the top of the Customer Center and choose Customer & Job Transaction List.

    • On the Transactions tab, click Print at the top of the Customer Center.

  5. Check the printing options and make any necessary changes to them.

  6. Click Print.

When you print the customer transactions list, you are actually printing a report that duplicates what you currently see in the Customer Center. You might want to display and then print the report yourself instead. This allows you to format the information before printing it. To display and use the report instead, right-click on the transactions list itself, and then click View as a Report.

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