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Use the Customers & Jobs list

The Customers & Jobs list shows information about the people and companies to whom you sell your products and services. If you set up jobs for a customer, they appear indented under the customer’s name.

Note: The Customers & Jobs list is the same list as the Customer:Job list. It's called Customers & Jobs in the Customer Center, and Customer:Job on forms. It's sometimes also referred to as simply the customer list.

To do this task

  1. Choose Customers > Customer Center.

  2. Click the Customers & Jobs tab.

    Your Customers & Jobs list appears beneath the tab.

  3. Use the View list to:

    • Choose All Customers to see both your active and inactive customers and jobs.

    • Choose Active Customers to see only your active customers and jobs.

    • Choose Customers with Open Balances to see only your customers with any kind of open balance.

    • Choose Choose Customers with Overdue Invoices to see customers with invoices that are past due.

    • Choose Customers with Almost Due invoices to see customers with invoices that are almost due.

    • Choose Custom Filter to search your customer list for specific entries. For example, you might search for one particular customer, or all customers in a specific city.

  4. To sort the list in alphabetical order, click Name at the top of the list.

  5. To print the customer list, customer information, or the customer transaction list, see Print customer information for instructions.

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