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Payments Snapshot overview

Use the Payments Snapshot to get real-time payment information and perform tasks from a single place.

To open the Payment Snapshot, choose Company > Company Snapshot, and then click the Payment Snapshot tab.

Depending on your access permissions, you can add any of the following content. To preview available content, click the Add Content button and page through the content gallery.

  • Quick Links

    This section lets you add short-cut buttons for the tasks you use most often, such as Receive Payments, Create Sales Receipts, Credits & Refunds.

  • Receivables Report

    This section displays summary and/or detailed views of standard QuickBooks reports: Customer Balance, A/R Aging, Sales by Customer, Deposit Detail, and Unbilled Costs by Job. You can also search for transactions and create reports in the Merchant Service Center.

    • Hover over the icon to the left of Summary or Detail to view a sample of any report.

    • Click the Create custom Merchant Service reports link to search for transactions and create reports in the Merchant Service Center . If you are not subscribed to the Merchant Service for QuickBooks, this link opens a web page where you can learn more about the service.

    • Click Report Center to view standard QuickBooks reports.

  • A/R by Aging Period

    This section shows how much each customer owes you and any balance overdue by number of days. The data is the same as the Accounts Receivables Graph available in the Report Center. The bar graph shows how much your customers owe you as of today, and how much is overdue by up to 30, 60, 90, and over 90 days.

    • Click the change link to choose a new start date for the Aging period displayed.

    • Hover over a bar to display the precise value represented by the bar.

  • Recent Transactions

    This section shows recent transactions your company has had with customers. You can view all or individual transactions, and sort by most recent transactions.

    • Click any column header to reverse the sort order.

    • Click the Search for transactions link to find transactions in the Merchant Service Center (if you have an Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service account). If not, this link takes you to a web site where you can learn more about processing credit cards in QuickBooks.

    • Click View all to open the Customer Center (click the Transactions tab to view all transactions.

    • Click a customer name to open the specific transaction, which may be a Receive Payments form, a Sales Receipt, or a Credit Memo.
  • Customers Who Owe Me Money

    This section displays a list of customers with outstanding invoices. The due date is red for overdue invoices.

    • Double-click a customer name to see the open balance detail for that customer.

    • Click any column header to reverse the sort order.

    • Click Receive Payments to open the Receive Payments form to record a customer payment. If you are not subscribed to the Merchant Service for QuickBooks, this link opens a web page where you can learn more about the service.

  • Payment Reminders

    This section shows which customers have overdue invoices (and the total dollar amount), money waiting to be deposited, and memorized invoices. Click the + symbol to view more detail for each category. This section displays the following:

    • Money to Deposit. How much money is waiting to be deposited to your bank account. Click View funded card payments to open the Merchant Service Center and use the Search feature to see credit card payments that have been funded to your bank account.

    • Overdue invoices. The number of overdue invoices, the total dollar amount of overdue invoices. Click a customer name to view the actual invoice. Click View invoices paid online to open the Get Online Payments window.

    • Invoices/Credit Memo to Print. This displays a list of invoices or credit memos to be printed. Click an item to open the invoice or credit memo.

    • Memorized Transactions. If you set up any memorized invoices with an approaching send date, you'll see the total number and dollar amount of all memorized invoices.

    • Authorizations to Capture. This show the total dollar amount of any authorizations to capture. Double-click any item to view more detail.

    • Merchant Service Reminders. This shows you when you have customers payments to download. If you see the How to turn Reminders on link, click to learn how to change your settings so reminders are downloaded.

  • Recommendations

    This section displays information about other services from Intuit Payment Solutions that can help you get paid faster, and save you time and money.

  • Invoice Payment Status

    This section shows a graphical representation of paid and unpaid invoices by billing date range.

    • Click the drop-down arrow to choose a date range for invoice payment status (Last month, Last quarter, etc.)

    • Hover the mouse over a pie slice to see the precise value represented by that slice.

You can:

  • Add content and customize this page

  • Set this as your opening page

    1. Open the Company Snapshot.

    2. Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.

    3. In the Preferences window, click Desktop View in the list on the left.

    4. Click the My Preferences tab and then click Save current desktop.

    5. Clear the option that reads Show Home page when opening company file.

    6. Click OK.

  • Print the entire snapshot, or a single panel

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