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Customize a snapshot tab

You can easily customize any Snapshot tab to show the content you want to see by adding, moving, and removing content. If needed, you can restore the page to its original default settings.

When you customize a tab, only you will see your changes. No one else can view your personalized snapshot.

Add content

See a description of content you can add to your Company Snapshot tab

See a description of content you can add to your Payments Snapshot tab

See a description of content you can add to your Customer Snapshot tab

  1. Click the Add Content button to open the content gallery.

  2. Click Show Preview to preview charts, graphs, and other available content.

  3. Click Add to include the content to your snapshot.

  4. Click Done when finished.

Remove content

Click the X in the upper right corner of a content panel to remove it from your snapshot. The content goes back into the content gallery. You can add it back in later if you change your mind by clicking Add Content.

Move content

Drag a content panel by its header to a different location and release it.

Restore defaults

Click the Restore Defaults button at the top of the page to restore the snapshot to its original settings. Any content panels you added are moved back into the gallery, the remaining panels return to their original position, and date ranges you chose return to their original settings.

Common questions

How do I set this as my opening page?

  1. Open the Company Snapshot.

  2. Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.

  3. In the Preferences window, click Desktop View in the list on the left.

  4. Click the My Preferences tab and then click Save current desktop.

  5. Clear the option that reads Show Home page when opening company file.

  6. Click OK.

How do I prevent other users from seeing sensitive company data?

Users can only see data for areas they have been given access permissions to view. For example, if you restricted a user from paying company bills, they won't be able to see the Vendors to Pay section in their snapshot. Find out more about how user permissions work, or change a user's permissions.

If I customize this page, will other users see the same changes?

No. The Company Snapshot is customized for each individual user. The content you add, move, or remove is only for you. No one else can see your personalized snapshot.

Why can't I view some content areas?

You can only view those areas of QuickBooks to which you've been granted access. Contact your QuickBooks Administrator if you need to change your permissions.

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