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Adjusting the width of a Center list

In the default view of a Center, your Center list is displayed on the left side of the Center, and the detail information and transactions are displayed on the right.

In the default view, only two columns are displayed in the Center list. For example, for the Customers & Jobs list, only the Name and Balance Total columns are displayed by default. You can add more columns to the list, but if you add too many columns, the Center can become very crowded.

If you want to add a lot of columns to the list, you might want to first expand the list to use the full width of the Center. The standard list view and expanded list view can each have a different set of customized columns.

  • To expand the list, right-click in the list and choose the Show Full List Only option.

    For example, in the Vendor Center, right-click in the Vendors list and choose Show Full Vendor List Only.

  • To get back to the default display that shows a narrower list but also includes the detail information and transactions, right-click in the expanded list and choose the Show List and Details option.

    For example, right-click in the expanded Vendors list and choose Show Vendor List and Details.

You can also expand the Center list to a size that doesn't take the full width of the Center. Move your mouse over the right edge of the list until the pointer image changes, then hold down the mouse button and drag the edge to the right or left to change the list's width.

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