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Using the QuickBooks Centers

There are three QuickBooks Centers—one each for Customers, Vendors, and Employees. Each Center is a single place that gathers all of the relevant transactions as well as other information, such as the names and addresses of customers, vendors, or employees.

What can I do in the Customer Center?

The Customer Center gives you access to all of your customers and jobs, contact and billing information for each customer, and customer transactions.

What can I do in the Vendor Center?

The Vendor Center gives you quick access to all of your vendors, their contact and billing information, and vendor transactions.

What can I do in the Employee Center?

The Employee Center gathers information for each of your employees, including contact information, Social Security number, and payroll transactions.

The Employee Center also contains a separate Payroll Center where you can manage your payroll and tax information.

What are the main parts of each Center?

Each Center has two tabs that contain list information and transaction information. In addition,the Employee Center has a payroll tab that contains payroll information for employees.

You can customize how your information is displayed in the Customer, Vendor, or Employee Center. For example, you might choose to view only open invoices for this fiscal year, or you may want to view only the Open Balance column for all of your customers.

You can also run some common reports from within each Center.

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