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Create a cash flow projection

Use the step-by-step interview to create a cash flow projection. The Cash Flow Projector uses the information you've entered in QuickBooks but does not change your QuickBooks information.

To do this task

Before you begin to create your projection, make sure you've entered all your bills and payments in QuickBooks.

  1. Go to the Company menu, choose Planning & Budgeting, and then click Cash Flow Projector.

  2. Click Next on the welcome page.

  3. Select accounts for your beginning balance.

  4. Select a projection method to enter your cash receipts.

  5. Enter your business expenses.

  6. Review and adjust your accounts payable.

Note: Click Preview Projection at any time to see a preview of your cash flow projection. The preview will only contain the information you've entered and modified; you must complete all the steps to see your final projection.

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