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Enter business expenses in the Cash Flow Projector

You can enter detailed business expenses, a summary of weekly business expenses, or a combination of both detailed expenses and weekly adjustments.

To enter detailed business expenses, enter the following for each expense:

  1. Select an Account to categorize the business expense.

  2. Enter the payment Date.

  3. Select a Frequency to identify how often the payment is made, such as monthly or bi-weekly.

  4. Enter the payment Amount.

  5. In the Adjustment fields in the Business Expenses Summary section, enter any adjustments to the weekly business expense total.

To enter a weekly summary

You can enter either a one-time weekly summary to be used only in the current cash flow projection, or you can enter a recurring business expenses summary.

  • To enter a one-time weekly summary

    1. In the Adjustment fields of the Business Expenses Summary section, enter your weekly total(s) for your business expenses.

  • To enter a recurring business expenses summary

    1. In the Business Expenses Details section, enter a category in the Accounts drop-down list.

    2. Enter a Date, Frequency and Amount for your expense. Make sure to choose a Frequency, such as weekly, so your expense will occur on a regular basis.

Click Preview Projection at any time to see a preview of your cash flow projection. The preview will contain only the information you've entered and modified; you will need to complete all the steps to see your final projection.

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