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Project cash receipts in the Cash Flow Projector

Before you begin, make sure your QuickBooks entries are current.

To project cash receipts

In the Cash Receipts window, select a projection method.

By default, the initial projection is set to a weighted average of your weekly cash receipts for the last six weeks.

Important: Changing the projection method will not affect the information you have entered in QuickBooks but will erase all your previous entries.

If you selected the manual projection method

  1. Enter a date, description and amount for your cash receipt.

  2. Repeat to enter all cash receipts for each week.

  3. Enter any adjustments in the weekly summary.

If you selected an automatic projection method

  1. Edit itemized cash receipts as necessary.

  2. Enter any adjustments in the weekly summary.

Note: If you have entered all your cash transactions in QuickBooks, an adjustment may not be necessary.

Click Preview Projection at any time to see a preview of your cash flow projection. The preview will contain only the information you've entered and modified so far; you will need to complete all the steps to see your final projection.

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