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Why edit or review a cash flow projection?

After the initial set up of your cash flow projection, it is important to review the information frequently. By doing so, you will have a projection that is more accurate and useful.

The Cash Flow Projector updates itself using your current QuickBooks information. However, any entries, changes, and/or adjustments you made during the initial set up of your cash flow projector will require periodic reviews for accuracy. For example, if you are projecting cash receipts manually, you must enter new entries for each new week.

Revisiting your cash flow projection could involve

  • Reviewing adjustments made to the beginning balance. Adjustments made in this step are remembered until deleted or changed.

  • Changing your cash receipts projection method to see if another method gives you more useful information.

  • Adjusting information to reflect seasonal patterns in your business.

  • Adding, editing, or deleting memorized expense transactions as needed, such as deleting a loan payment transaction when the loan has been paid in full.

  • Adding, editing, or deleting adjustments made to cash receipts and business expenses. The adjustments are dated, however, you may find they are no longer needed or amounts have changed for the period you are viewing.

  • Reviewing adjustments made to accounts payable. Once you enter any bills you adjusted for in QuickBooks, you should delete any adjustments you made in the Cash Flow Projector. If you don't change the adjustment, the amount could be subtracted twice.

  • Using the Cash Flow Projector as a tool to analyze different scenarios of cash inflows and outflows, and how they affect the cash flow of your business.

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