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Enter detailed business expenses or a summary of your business expenses (Cash Flow Projector)

The method you choose to enter your business expenses in the Cash Flow Projector will impact the information provided by your projection. Choose a method that will provide information most useful to you and how you run your business.

Enter your business expenses in detail or as a summary

To enter your business expenses in detail, separate expenses into multiple entries for each account. The more accounts you detail, the more detail you will see in your report. Detailing expenses also gives you the opportunity to make specific changes and view how they affect your cash flow projection.

To summarize your business expenses, combine your expenses into a few generalized categories or accounts, such as Payroll Expenses, Office Expenses, and Other Expenses. You can do this by selecting existing accounts or by typing in new ones.

Note: Information you enter in the Cash Flow Projector will not affect the information you have entered in QuickBooks.

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