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Understand cash receipts in the Cash Flow Projector

The Cash Receipts window displays the amount of cash you expect to receive and when you expect to receive it.

You can enter your projected cash receipts either manually or automatically.

Select an automatic method to calculate cash receipts using deposits, sales receipts, customer payments, and transfers from other accounts.

Select to manually project cash receipts if you want to enter cash receipts manually.

The Cash Receipts Summary shows your balance based on your projected receipts. Enter any adjustments to your balance in the Adjustment fields.

Important: The initial cash receipts set up defaults to a weighted average of your weekly cash receipts for the last six weeks. Changing projection methods clears the itemized cash receipts section.

What projection method should I choose?

Why should I make adjustments?

If you know you have additional cash coming in which is not part of your itemized cash receipts, you should make appropriate entries in the Adjustment fields of the Cash Receipts Summary.

Note: All adjustment entries in Cash Receipts are date specific.

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