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What is the beginning balance in the Cash Flow Projector

The Beginning Balance is a total of any accounts selected for use in the Cash Flow Projector combined with any manual adjustments. You can select accounts and make adjustments on the Beginning Balance page.

The Account Information section of the Beginning Balance page shows all your accounts that contain cash, such as a checking or saving account. The current balance for each account is also displayed. You may select a single account or a combination of any of these accounts to determine your beginning balance.

The Beginning Balance Summary shows your current balance based on the accounts you selected. You can enter any adjustments to your current balance in the Adjust Balance field. If you have entered all your cash transactions in QuickBooks, an adjustment may not be necessary.

Note: The adjustment made to your beginning balance will be remembered each time you use the Cash Flow Projector until you delete or change the adjustment entry.

Which account(s) should I select?

Why should I make an adjustment?

  • If you know you have additional cash coming in or going out today, you should make an appropriate adjustment to your current cash balance.

  • If you have a minimum amount of cash you want on-hand at all times, you can enter a negative adjustment amount to keep this reserve set aside.

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