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What is Accounts Payable in the Cash Flow Projector?

The Accounts Payable window uses your QuickBooks information to display the Vendor, Amount, and Due Date fields for your unpaid bills.

Before you begin, make sure you have entered all your bills in QuickBooks.

Note: By default, the Cash Flow Projector sets the Payment Date to the Due Date. You can manually change this to a more accurate payment date.

The Accounts Payable Summary shows your weekly totals for the six-week projection period. Use the Adjustment fields to make any adjustments to the summary.

Why should I make adjustments?

If you know you have a bill that you have not entered into QuickBooks yet, you can make an adjustment in the Adjustment field of your Accounts Payable Summary. All Accounts Payable adjustments are date specific. Adjustments made in the Cash Flow Projector do not affect your QuickBooks data.

Important: If you later add the bill to QuickBooks, remember to delete the adjustment from the Cash Flow Projector. If you don't update the adjustment, you will have this amount subtracted twice in your cash flow projection.

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