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Use the QuickBooks Calendar

The QuickBooks Calendar is a quick way to view transactions and tasks you've entered into QuickBooks.

For each day QuickBooks displays a summary of:

  • Transactions entered

  • Transactions that are due

  • Tasks you need to complete (to do's)

The transaction detail pane below the calendar displays a list of transactions and to do's for the selected day. Click the Expand arrow icon to hide or show the detail. Double-click a transaction to view or edit it.

On the right side of the window, you see Past Due Transactions as of Today.

How do I:

Change the view to weekly or daily?

Click a calendar view icon Calendar views to switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Show more than 5 days in the weekly view?

Click the arrow Close arrow to close the Past Due Transactions as of Today pane.

Choose which transactions appear on my calendar?

To do this task

  1. Click the Show drop-down arrow.

  2. Select a transaction type from the list. To select multiple transaction types, choose Multiple Transactions.

Add a to do?

While in monthly or weekly view, click the Add To Do icon.

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