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Assign check numbers to a bill payment

When paying bills in QuickBooks, you can assign check numbers or text to bill payments that you make with handwritten checks, debit cards, or electronic fund transfers (EFTs).

To do this task

  1. Go to the Vendors menu and click Pay Bills. Shortcut

  2. Fill out the bill payment information as described in paying by check.

    Fill out the bill payment information as you usually would. See bill payment information for details.

  3. In the Payment Method list at the bottom of the Pay Bills window, click Check and then click Assign check no.

  4. Click the Pay Selected Bills button.

  5. In the Assign Check Numbers window, click Let me assign the check numbers below.

  6. In the Check No. field of the check table enter:

    • A check number for a handwritten check.

    • Characters (such as EFT) for electronic funds transfers or debit card payments.

    • Nothing, to leave the field blank for a cash payment.

  7. (Optional) Change the date of the payment to match the actual date used for the payment.

  8. Click OK.

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