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Enter bills

Watch a 3-minute tutorial about entering bills

Before you can pay a bill, you need to enter it. You can enter a bill for items that you keep track of as part of your business or you can enter a bill for your expenses.

  • Items are anything that your company buys, sells, or resells in the course of business, such as products, shipping and handling charges, discounts, and sales tax (if applicable).
  • Expenses are all of the things you spend money on, and are linked to expense accounts. For example, if you pay $200 per month for utilities, you assign that bill to an expense account set up for utilities.

If you're sure that you don't need to track a bill and you're ready to pay it now, you can use the Write Checks or Enter Credit Card Charges window to record the payment instead of using Enter Bills and Pay Bills. See Ways to pay bills to learn more.

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