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What's important about the Discount Information window

Use this window to apply a discount to the bill you selected. QuickBooks has calculated a suggested discount based on the payment terms you have with the vendor. You can accept the suggested discount or enter a different amount.

These fields reflect entries you made elsewhere in QuickBooks:

Bill No.

Bill No. topic

Discount Date

Discount Date topic

Bill Amount

Bill Amount topic

Current Balance

The current balance indicates how much you currently owe toward this bill.

This might not be the total amount that you owe this vendor.


The terms that you chose when you entered this bill; for example, 2% 10 Net 30.

You can change these fields:

Amount of Discount

Amount of Discount topic

Discount Account

Discount Account topic

Discount Class(If class tracking is turned on)

An entry in this field assigns the discount to a class you have previously defined for tracking purposes.

Classes give you another way to categorize your financial transactions. For example, if you had a restaurant with three locations, you might create an Uptown, a Midtown, and a Downtown class for tracking income and expenses by location. When you create reports, you can have QuickBooks group and subtotal transactions by their class.

Class tracking must be turned on for this field to appear.

To turn on class tracking

  1. Open the accounting preferences.

    Opening accounting preferences
  2. Click the Company Preferences tab.

  3. Select the Use class tracking checkbox.

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