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Bill information

This area reflects entries that you've made elsewhere in QuickBooks. You cannot select and change the Bill information. QuickBooks updates the information shown here based on the amounts that you enter in the fields on the Discount and the Credits pages.

Ref. No. The optional reference number that was entered when you entered the original bill.

Date The date of the bill.

Original Amt. The total amount of the original bill, not including the reduced amount that would result from any discount or credits that you apply.

Amount Due The total amount due for the bill before applying any current discounts and credits. This amount reflects any previous payments on the bill. This amount changes when you pay the bill and when the discount, credits, and amount paid are subtracted from the amount due.

Discount Used The total amount of the discount currently applied to the payment.

Credits Used The total of all credits currently applied to the payment.

Amt. To Pay The total amount to pay. This amount is reduced as you apply any discount or credits.

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