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Enter bills for job-related or overhead expenses

To do this task

  1. Go to the Vendors menu and click Enter Bills.

  2. Decide whether to enter bills as items or as expenses:

    • Enter vendor bills for job or project-related costs as items or the cost won't be classified correctly on the job cost reports. Make sure you click the Items tab in the Enter Bills window. See Entering a bill for items.

    • Enter bills for overhead expenses (for things such as telephone, electricity, office supplies, and so on) as expenses. Make sure you click the Expenses tab in the Enter Bills window and select the appropriate expense account. If you're paying a bill with multiple items and you need to split the amount over more than one expense account, use multiple line items specifying different accounts. See Entering a bill for expenses.

      You won't need to fill out the customer:job or class fields for overhead expenses because they're not job-related expenses.

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