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Print a Reconciliation report

After you finish reconciling (balancing), you can capture the current reconcile information by printing a Reconciliation report. If you think you may want to print the same report again in the future, print the report to a file instead of your printer. You must do this before you reconcile again or the data will be overwritten

If you've already finished reconciling, you can view information from a prior reconciliation by printing a Previous Reconciliation report.

To do this task

  1. When you have finished marking the transactions in the Reconcile window, click Reconcile Now.

  2. In the Select Reconciliation Report window, select the level of detail that you want in the report by clicking:

    • Summary to summarize the account activity for the reconciliation period.

    • Detail to list all the transactions cleared in the reconciliation period.

    • Both to run both types of reports.

  3. Click Print.

  4. In the Print Lists window, choose whether you'd like to print this report to your printer or to a file.

  5. Click Print.

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