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Stopping and later restarting reconciliation

You can work in other windows to correct errors in an account while leaving the Reconcile window open. But if you click Leave, QuickBooks will keep track of what you've selected so that you can finish later.

In the account register, an asterisk (*) is displayed in the cleared column of the transactions you marked until you complete the reconciliation. The asterisk indicates that a transaction is pending because you haven't finished reconciling your QuickBooks account with your financial statement.

  1. To resume reconciling, go to the Banking menu and then click Reconcile.

  2. In the Begin Reconciliation window, re-enter your ending balance and any amounts you entered for interest or service charges.

  3. Click Continue to open the Reconcile window again. The items that you previously selected are marked with a checkmark.

  4. Select any other items you want to include, then click Reconcile Now.

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