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How do I use the Reminders list?

Use the Reminders list to track all the QuickBooks tasks you need to do. It shows you all of the things that are due (such as bills) or that you need to act on (such as To Do notes). You can choose which tasks to be reminded of, and how and when you'll see the reminder.

For example, five days before a bill is actually due, you might want to be reminded to pay it.

The Reminders list also posts messages about any QuickBooks business services that need your attention and important Alerts.

To open the Reminders list, go to the Company menu and click Reminders.

Here's what you can do in the list:

  • To see the set of tasks for a particular area of QuickBooks, click the bolded task heading.

  • To open a transaction or perform the associated task (like paying a bill), double-click the transaction in the list.

  • To change the amount of information you see, go to the bottom of the window and click:

    • Custom View to return the display to the settings you specified in Preferences.

    • Collapse all to summarize the list. For each section of the list, QuickBooks shows you the total amount of the transactions due. You'll see a summary for all activities, including those you've asked QuickBooks not to display.

    • Expand all to show the details for each section. For each section of the list, QuickBooks lists the individual transactions that are due together with their amounts. (You'll see a list of all transactions, including those you've asked QuickBooks not to display.)

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