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QuickBooks will not print multiple copies of a form

After you choose to print multiple copies of a transaction (either through preferences or printer setup), QuickBooks prints only a single copy of the transaction.
This might also happen if you have begun using a new printer.


Why this is happening

Some printers and/or printer drivers accept a setting for multiple copies, but do not actually print multiple copies.

For this reason, the QuickBooks WPR.INI file contains the Copy Fibs section. If a printer is listed here, the program will print extra copies rather than leaving it to the printer driver.

How to fix it

Solution: Add the printer to the [Copy Fibs] section of the WPR.INI file

Note: The printer name must be identical to the name in the Windows Printers and Faxes window.

  1. Copy your printer name:
    1. Click the Windows Start button and choose Settings, if necessary. 
    2. Right-click the printer, choose Properties, and press Ctrl+C to copy the name of the printer.
  2. Locate your WPR.INI file:
    1. Windows Vista/7/8 c:\ ProgramData \ Intuit \ QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions XX.
    2. Where XX is the Quickbooks version and the spaces are added for convenience only.
  3. Rename the folder WPR.INI.OLD so that you have a backup.
  4. Edit your WPR.INI file:
    1. Open the WPR.INI file.
    2. Locate the [Copy Fibs] section.
    3. Click at the end of the last printer name on this list and press Enter.
    4. Right-click on the next blank line and choose Paste.
    5. Add the characters '=T' to the printer name. You'll see this same setup for the other printers listed.
    6. Choose File > Exit.
    7. Click Yes to save your changes.
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4/26/2017 4:43:57 AM
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