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Online banking - unable to set up multiple accounts for the same financial institution

If you have multiple Customer IDs/Logins at your financial institution, QuickBooks will not be able to download your online account information into one company file.  In order to activate multiple accounts in the same company file for the same Finanacial institution, the Customer IDs/Login, must be identical.

Why this is happening

Important:  QuickBooks is unable to accommodate this functionality in a single company file with multiple Customer IDs/Logins at one financial institution.

How to fix it

 In order to set up your account, select the option that works best for you:

  • Contact your financial institution to find out if you can merge your accounts into one Customer ID/Login.
  • Create more than one company file for each Customer ID/Login for that specific financial institution.
  • Make a backup of your file, activate Web Connect for the unique CustomerID account, then import the QBO file.





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