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Entering a rebate from a vendor that posts to a cash account without affecting the vendor's balance

When a vendor issues a rebate check, it needs to be shown on the bank account without affecting the Vendor's account balance.  Affecting their balance by issuing a credit will create a credit that can be used on future bills incorrectly.  The easiest method is done via a journal entry.

How to fix it

These instructions will use an income account called reimbursed expenses, however you may elect to use another income account.

  1. Go to Company > Make General Journal Entries.
  2. Enter date of deposit.
  3. On the first line:
    1. enter the desired cash account.
    2. in the debit column, enter the rebate amount.
    3. enter a memo (if desired).
    4. in the Name column, enter the Vendor's name.
  4. On the second line:
    1. enter the reimbursed expenses income account.
    2. in the credit column, enter the rebate amount.
    3. enter a memo (if desired).
    4. in the name column, enter the Vendor's name .
  5. Click the Save & Close button.

This journal entry will appear under the vendor's account in the Vendor Center; it will increase the bank balance by the amount of the refund as well as crediting (increasing) the balance on the income account to offset the post to the bank account.

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