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General Ledger Report Does Not Show Balances For Income and Expense Accounts

The General Ledger report is not including balances for income and expense accounts.
Solution Description


This problem is typically encountered when the company's year end date is included in the date range on the report (i.e. the GL is run from 2/28/09 through 1/31/10 and the year end date is 12/31/09).  This occurs because at the beginning of the new fiscal year (1/1/10 in this example), all income and expense balances are zeroed and their balances transferred into the retained earnings account.  This resets the balances in these accounts to zero.

There are several solutions for this issue:


If the report spans a date range of 12 months or less then change the fiscal year so that it falls within the date range:
  1. From the Company menu, select Company Information
  2. Take note of month currently selected
  3. Select drop down arrow on Fiscal Year located under Report Info
  4. Choose the first month of which you desire to run the report (Ex: if you want to run the report from Feb '08- Feb '09 choose the fiscal year as February.)
  5. Click Ok.
  6. From the Reports menu, select Accountant & Taxes > General Ledger Report.
  7. Select desired dates in From and To fields
  8. When finished generating the report, switch the fiscal year back to original month.

If the report dates span for more than 12 months you have two options:


Option 1:  Run the General Ledger Report for each year separately
  1. From the Reports menu, select Accountant & Taxes > General Ledger Report.
  2. On Dates drop down select the dates for the first year.
  3. Click Refresh.
  4. Change the dates to the next year.
  5. Click Refresh.
Option 2:  Run the General Ledger Report for All Dates and then export the report to Excel.
  1. From the Reports menu, select Accountant & Taxes > General Ledger Report.
  2. On Dates drop down select All.
  3. Click on Export button at top of report.
  4. Select radial dial next to A New Excel Workbook.
  5. Click Export button.
  6. Edit in Excel as desired.
To see all of the Balance Sheet information for the time period required, view the Transaction Detail by Account report:
  1. Select the Reports menu, and select Accountant & Taxes > Transaction Detail by Account.
  2. Select the Modify Report button, and select the appropriate date range in the From and To fields.

This report shows all transactions in each account for the date range selected. If you want to see only income and expense accounts:

  1. Click the Display tab.
  2. Click the Total by drop-down arrow and select Income statement.


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