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Message: This data file cannot be used because it was not completely updated

While attempting to restore a damaged data file, the data file was partially updated in a previous version, or the data file was damaged in a previous version. QuickBooks Desktop displays the message:

This data file cannot be used because it was not completely updated. Please restore your backup.

Why this is happening

This error occurs when the file is damaged by upgrading to a later version of QuickBooks Desktop and aborting the process before it was completed, or existing damage to the file causes the update to fail.

How to fix it

 If you believe that the file has been partially updated  from a previous version, restore the backup created during the upgrade process to the previous version of QuickBooks Dekstop used to open the file.

  1. Locate the backup created immediately prior to upgrading.
  2. If the previous version of QuickBooks Desktop is not installed, install the prior version of QuickBooks Desktop to a new directory without overwriting the current version. Otherwise, continue with step 4.
  3. Restore the recent backup to the prior version of QuickBooks Desktop; using a unique file name. Do not overwrite any existing company files.
  4. Prepare your file for updating by installing the latest updates, resolving data problems and making sure the data file is on the local hard drive.
  5. Open the current version of QuickBooks Desktop and update to the latest release before restoring the file.
  6. From the QuickBooks File menu, click Restore.
  7. Restore the damage-free backup, and begin the update process again.

If you do not believe the file has been damaged while attempting to update from a prior version, see Data damage diagnosis and repair for steps to resolve your issue.

KB ID# SLN40452
4/27/2017 3:30:18 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9138 Pro 2017 1486a4