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Use a barcode scanner in QuickBooks financial software

You can use a barcode scanner with QuickBooks to perform such functions such as entering sales receipts and other transactions and to enter inventory items.
There is no special setup for configuring your barcode scanner to work with QuickBooks.  If the scanner is configured to work with your computer in other programs, it will work with QuickBooks.
For setup and installation instructions for your scanner, refer to the instructions that came with your scanner or the manufacturer's web site. 
Detailed Instructions
Be sure that the barcode scanner is not set up to use the Enter key function after scanning the bar code. Most barcode scanners come with a user manual that will have preprogrammed barcodes to turn this function off. If not, contact the manufacturer for this information. If this functionality is not turned off and an item is scanned into a transaction, you could inadvertently save and close the transaction before you are finished entering items.

Enterprise Solutions 2013 (and later) with the Advanced Inventory barcode feature incorporates barcodes and barcode scanning seamlessly into your company file. Turning on the barcode scanning preference in Advanced Inventory and using the Barcode Wizard gives you the option of either moving your existing barcodes into QuickBooks into the new Barcode Number field for any or all of your items, or having QuickBooks create barcodes for items in your item list. You can also manually enter barcodes into the Barcode Number field through the Edit Item window. The barcode feature will automatically create barcode images for each of the barcodes entered. 

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