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Items imported from Excel cannot be deleted

After importing  items via Excel you might have a need to delete some items imported in error. However, when you go to delete them you are give a message that the item has been used in at least one transaction & cannot be deleted, please make the item inactive. 

Why this is happening

When we import lists of new items from Excel an Inventory Adjustment Memo is created behind the scenes. This is the one transaction that the item has been used in.  This does not apply to re-imports of previously existing items that have been edited.

How to fix it
  1. Make note of the item name in the item list.
  2. From the Edit menu, choose Find.
  3. Go to the Advanced tab and choose Item from the filter list, scroll down to the appropriate item and click Find.
  4. The resulting search should find the Inventory Adjusting Memo.
  5. Delete that adjusting memo.
  6. You should now be able to delete the item from the item list.
KB ID# SLN78049
3/28/2017 6:25:46 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 b45b4b