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Shipping Manager Error 9570103: The country code or postal codes does not match account information

When signing up for Shipping Manager with UPS, you are asked for information from existing accounts. The input screen has fields for account number, last bill date & amount of bill and the address information.

After entering the correct information and clicking Next an error is returned :

9570103 -- The country code or postal code does not match the account information. The contact phone number for general UPS support may try to suggest that the issue is on the Intuit side of the setup.
How to fix it

This is an issue with records in UPS.

  1. Call the UPS Specialty Products Dept at 1-800-247-9035.
  2. Have them verify the information.
  3. Commonly, this might be a confusion over pick-up address vs billing address in the UPS system.
    Note: The setup screen in Shipping Manager clearly asks for info from the last statement, which most would assume would be the billing address.
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3/28/2017 5:05:12 AM
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