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While working in QuickBooks, QuickBooks closes unexpectedly (crashes with or without an error)

While working in QuickBooks, QuickBooks closes unexpectedly (crashes with a QuickBooks has Stopped working, Unrecoverable Error, or you may see no error).  For example, when performing one of the following, you may experience a crash with no error message.

  • Emailing a large report
  • Working randomly on transactions, such as Invoices and Sales Orders
  • Running many reports side by side
  • Working in different centers
  • Working in the report center

The errors you may see are:

  • QuickBooks has stopped working
  • No error (QuickBooks just disappears while working)
  • Unrecoverable Error (random codes)

Important: Please make sure you first try updating to the latest release of QuickBooks.  If you are on the latest release and continue to run into these issues, please sign up below to be notified when we have an update for this article.


Current Status:

At this time we do not have any updates.

When receiving the error, please click "Send" when prompted so engineers can review the logs for research. 

QuickBooks can close unexpectedly for a variety of technical reasons, many being related to issues on the computer itself, that can be caused in part by system and environmental problems in addition to problems with how QuickBooks interacts with these variables. For this reason, some customers may experience this problem doing a particular task while others will not. We always recommend staying up to date with the latest version of QuickBooks.

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