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Register accounts change when you point to them.

When you open a register, amounts show incorrectly. If :you move the mouse to the account, it changes to the correct account.

Why is this happening

You have serious damage to your Chart of Accounts. Unfortunately,

  • Resort Lists does not fix this damage.
  • Verify Data will not find this damage.
  • Rebuild Data will not fix this damage.
  • Data Services cannot fix this damage.
How to fix it

You can resolve this issue:

  • When you see an account change on the bank account register, note the account to which it changes (that is the correct account..
  • Create a new account of the same type and simlar name.
  • Merge the old account into the new account.



KB ID# SLN77610
3/28/2017 10:19:12 PM
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