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Error: Something has gone wrong with copying the image when saving a template with a logo

When customizing a form with an added logo, QuickBooks Desktop will want to save it to an Images folder where the company file is stored for future use. However, the process is halted with an error:

Something has gone wrong with copying the image.

Why is this happening

The error is caused by possible folder corruption of the Images folder where the logo file needs to be stored. 

How to fix it
  1. Find the location of your QuickBooks Desktop file.
    1. Open the Product Information window by pressing the F2 or (Ctrl+1) while your QuickBooks Desktop file is open.
    2. Take note of the file location listed under the File Information section.
  2. Navigate to the QuickBooks file location that you took note from step 1.
    Note: If it is on server or remote PC, you may need assistance from your IT department to access the folder.
  3. Locate the folder (your QuickBooks file name - Images).
  4. Right-click the folder then select Rename. Add a number 2 at the end of the folder name (e.g. QuickBooks file name - Imaages2).
  5. Create a new folder and name it (your QuickBooks file name - Images)
    1. Right-click on the empty space then select New > Folder.
  6. The customized template should save without errors.
KB ID# SLN77365
4/29/2017 10:09:23 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 c3d747