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List information or data is missing after converting a desktop file to QuickBooks Online Edition

After converting a file from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online Edition you may notice financial reports are different and customers or other contacts are missing.

How to fix it
  1. Open the company file in the QuickBooks Desktop edition.
  2. Double-click a contact name that you've identified as missing in the conversion  to bring up the Edit window.
  3. Look for any special characters or odd formatting (example: in the email field  "John Smith"<jsmith@smithco.***>  --it should only have the email address).
  4. Remove special characters like ! $ # & * ? / \ | { } " " < >.
  5. If it's a number field, remove any alpha characters.
  6. Run data verification to make sure no other underlying issues exist.
  7. Re-do the conversion to Online Edition, the missing contacts (customer, vendor, employee) should now appear and financial reports should agree.
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3/29/2017 8:12:53 AM
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