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Information: Failed to get QuickBooks Data

In the 2014 and newer products, when you attempt to edit the Company Information from the Company>>My Company menu link, you receive a pop-up window error that reads:

Failed to get QuickBooks Data. Please review the logs for more details. 

How to fix it
  1. Review the qbwinlog and look for a line similar to this sample:     LVL_ERROR--V24.0D R1 (M=1470, L=695, C=249, V=0 (0)) .   The C=249 is pointing to an error in the formatting of the company name.
  2. Look for any special characters such as ? \ | @ ! $ & * ` in the company name field.
  3. In previous versions of QuickBooks it would be a simple matter of editing the name, but with this now linking to online ID /QBN and Sync Services the file will need to be escalated to Data Services for repair.



KB ID# SLN77034
4/26/2017 8:47:21 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 9296fb