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Online Funds Transfer Error OL-95

OL-95 is a generic error that often indicates the transaction was interrupted.

Why this is happening
  • An OL-95 error during an Online Funds Transfer may indicate a disruption in the internet connection (example: wireless) or a damaged transaction.
  • One of the from/to accounts, is not setup for online banking.
  • One of the from/to accounts is from a different bank. Both the from and to accounts must be set up for online banking at the same financial institution.
  • The transfer amount exceeds the maximum limit imposed by your bank.
How to fix it

1. If you receive an OL-95 during an Online Funds Transfer from QuickBooks, contact your bank to confirm the status of your transfer to prevent duplication.

a. If the transaction did not complete, delete and re-enter the transaction in QuickBooks before processing a second time.
b. If the transaction completed, remove the checkmark from the Online Funds Transfer box then click Save & Close or Save & New.

2. Verify both the from & to accounts are setup for Online Banking and that transfers are allowed.

Note: If you're on a wireless network, try connecting directly to the Internet (wired).

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