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Need a Credit Card Account when you try to Batch Enter Transactions

 When you try to open the Batch Enter Transactions window, you see the following message

In order to record a charge or credit, you need to have a valid credit card account.

How to fix it

This issue has been resolved in the latest release for QuickBooks 2014.

Update to the latest release:

Go to the Update to the Latest Release web page.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure your product is selected.  If not, click the Change link and select your QuickBooks product.

Select and follow the instructions for one of the update options:

  • Click the Update button to download the update file.
  • Click Setup Automatic Updates to learn how to set QuickBooks to automatically download and install the latest updates.
KB ID# SLN76521
3/28/2017 10:14:35 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS08 9138 Pro 2017 5670d5