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Customer Center search fails - Scrollbar does not respond

When the Job Description column is added to the collapsed Detail view in the Customer Center, the Quick Typing search goes to each letter listing separately (e.g. when searching for Intuit it goes to I, then N, then T). The search never goes to Intuit.

Using the Job Description column in Detail view will also restrict the scrollbar from scrolling smoothly.

Note: Adding additional columns that are not in the default column set (Active Status, Name, Balance Total, Attach) may also affect the quick search behavior.


What you can try now

If the Job Description column is required to run your business, you may add it to the Expanded view. (Edit > Customize Columns).

Important:  To do a Quick Typing search you’ll need to return to the collapsed Detail view.

At Intuit, we strive to provide the highest quality product by assigning resources to address the issues with the biggest customer impact. In some cases such as this one, a fix will not be immediately available but may still be included in a future release.

Any future updates on this issue will be included in this help article. 

KB ID# SLN73018
7/26/2017 5:30:03 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS03 9138 Pro 2017 0c734c