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Error: You are editing an item that has a customized description/price

When editing an item code on an invoice the following message is displayed:

How to fix it

 The message is displayed when the all of the following statements are true:

  • The General Preference "Keep custom item information when changing item in transactions" is set to Ask.
  • You are changing an item code on an invoice
  • The description field of that line item has been previously edited 

The Preference is intended to save time in case an item code needs to be edited after you have entered a lengthy description. The amounts will also be retained.

  • By selecting Yes, QuickBooks will allow you to change the item code but will retain the description and amount field.
  • By selecting No, the entire line will be updated to match the new item code.



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3/30/2017 1:30:26 PM
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