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Error 1910: Could not remove shortcut

When performing an uninstall of QuickBooks Desktop, you encounter the following error:

Warning 1910.  Could not remove Shortcut XXXXX.lnk.  Verify that the shortcut file exists and that you can access it.

Why this is happening

Error 1910 is a Windows error caused by a corrupt registry entry.  While this is a windows error, it does not prevent you from continuing the un-installation of the QuickBooks program.

How to fix it
  1. Click OK to the error message and continue with the uninstall of QuickBooks until you get the message confirming that QuickBooks has been successfully removed.
  2. Click Finish.
  3. Verify that Quickbooks is not in the Uninstall Programs list. If it is not listed, QuickBooks was successfully uninstalled.
  4. Review your desktop icons to confirm the QuickBooks icon has been removed. If the shortcut icon is still on your desktop, you can delete it without issue.
KB ID# SLN66589
4/25/2017 9:34:48 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS09 9138 Pro 2017 3e6dcc