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"Invalid Expiration Date" when processing a credit card in QuickBooks

An "Invalid Expiration Date" message appears when trying to process a credit card in QuickBooks. The message can appear:

After clicking Save & Close in the Receive Payment window.


After clicking Submit when confirming card information and processing the payment.

Why this is happening?
  • The card expired and is no longer active
  • The incorrect expiration date is saved in the Customer Center
  • The date on the computer is incorrect

If you receive the error when clicking Submit, make sure the expiration date is correct and try again.


If you receive the error when clicking Save & Close in the Receive Payment window, then the expiration date needs to be updated in the Customer Center:

  1. From the Customers menu in QuickBooks, select Customer Center.


  2. Search for the customer.


  3. Double-click the customer's name.



  4. Click Payment Settings.


  5. Under Credit Card Information, update EXP. DATE.


  6. Click OK.


  7. Close the Customer Center.


  8. Open a new Receive Payment window. The payment now saves when you click Save & Close.  


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