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1099 wizard is not saving the account mapping for Box 7

In some company files, the 1099 wizard is not saving the account mapping chosen for Box 7.  All payments will show uncategorized and prevent QuickBooks from being able to print the 1099 forms properly.

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How to fix it

This issue has been resolved in the latest release for QuickBooks Desktop 2014

Note: There is a different  existing issue with QuickBooks 2014 where the "Confirm your 1099 Entries" screen shows incorrect information. The error is only on this screen and the 1099 information should still print correctly.

The information from the "Check Payments Included on Forms 1099-MISC" will still be printed correctly on the 1099 forms. This issue with the 1099 wizard is currently under investigation.

Update to the latest release:

Go to the Update to the Latest Release web page.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure your product is selected.  If not, click the Change link and select your QuickBooks product.

Select and follow the instructions for one of the update options:

  • Click the Update button to download the update file.
  • Click Setup Automatic Updates to learn how to set QuickBooks to automatically download and install the latest updates.
KB ID# SLN65612
4/28/2017 10:49:28 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS08 9138 Pro 2017 f5666d