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Why can't I use all the features and settings in GoPayment?

Roles determine the level of access a user has to GoPayment features. Your role is set by your account administrator, who can assign roles from the Merchant Service Center.  

How to fix it

Once logged into the Merchant Service Center click on GoPayment, click on the User, then click Edit User.

The following table shows the roles and permissions in GoPayment. 

Feature Admin Manager Assistant Manager Associate

Process payments and voids

Process refunds  *    
Create, edit, and delete items and categories  *    
Change favorites  *    
Sync items to all users/devices on account  *    
Sync items down to your own device  *
View transactions you processed yourself * * * *
View transaction history for all users * *    
Change store settings * *    
Add/remove users (in Merchant Service Center) *      
Change account funding options (in Merchant Service Center) *      


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