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Multiple errors when installing QuickBooks Desktop on a recently repaired or re-imaged Windows PC

After repairing or re-imaging your 64 bit Windows Operating System, you may find that you are unable to successfully install QuickBooks.

During the installation process you receive multiple error codes (Error 1334 and Error 1646 are most common in this circumstance) that cause the install to fail and roll back, and attempting the install from a downloaded .exe file and the original installation disk does not resolve the issue and allow a successful installation.

You may also receive a message requesting you to attempt a repair on your QuickBooks installation, but the program does not appear in the Add/Remove Programs window when attempting to perform the repair.

Why is this happening

There are occassions where the repair or re-image process can inadvertantly cause damage to Windows Registry keys that control your ability to install/uninstall programs, resulting in the Operating System blocking the installation (and removal) of new programs.

How to fix it

Microsoft has provided a tool to repair the Registry damage and will allow you to successfully install or remove programs in the Windows environment.

This tool can be downloaded by following this link to the Microsoft Support site, and following the instructions on the page to download and execute the fix.

If you are not comfortable performing the above solution, please contact your IT Administrator for assistance before attempting this repair.

Please note: This solution is only applicable to users who have recently repaired or re-imaged their Windows 64 bit Operating System 
KB ID# SLN64833
4/26/2017 2:21:33 PM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 900e03