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Balance sheet account balance does not match General Ledger account balance

When comparing account balances between the Balance Sheet and General Ledger reports the account balances don't match. This can be caused by damaged transactions or damaged links between transactions.

How to fix it

Solution 1: Make sure the dates and reporting basis are the same on both reports.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release

Solution 3: Merge account into new account

  1. Create a backup of your company data file. Do not overwrite an existing backup.
  2. Identify the account that has the balance mismatch and make note of the account type and account name.
  3. Merge the account into a new account.

Solution 4: If the issue persists, use standard data damage troubleshooting.

KB ID# SLN63984
4/30/2017 7:42:27 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS05 9138 Pro 2017 b2625f