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Error: Access Denied when installing

When installing QuickBooks Desktop, you are asked if you want to overwrite the existing files. After selecting "Yes to all", you receive the error: 

Access Denied" C:\User\(Username)\AppData\Local\Temp\QBooks... 
Why this is happening

This occurs when the temp folder on the computer becomes full.

How to fix it
  1. Exit the installation.
  2. Empty the Temp folder on your system:
    1. On your keyboard, press the Windows Key + R
    2. Type in %Temp% and click OK to open the folder where the TEMP files are saved.
    3. On your keyboard, press Ctrl + A to select all files.
    4. Press Delete.
  3. If you receive an error such as the one below, click OK, then hold down the CTRL key and deselect the file/folder referenced in the error. Press the Delete key again. Repeat as necessary.

KB ID# SLN63700
3/28/2017 6:49:54 AM
QYPPRDQBKSWS07 9138 Pro 2017 c8f60a